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Online Small Business Class: Your 1st session is free, with no obligation to continue. The class runs every other Thursday (2nd & 4th) from 11:00am to 12:00pm. A reminder, this is a VIRTUAL event using Zoom.

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Business advising workshops are offered at least once per quarter on a variety of important topics. Don’t miss out on these great opportunities for growth. Receive notifications when registration opens.

  • What is my business really worth?
  • Top Methods for Getting More Money out of your Business
  • How to Hire an All-Star Team
  • Grow Your Business with Controlled Growth, why fast growth can put you out of business.
  • Why Your Marketing Sucks and How to Fix It
  • Double Your Sales in 11 Simple Steps
  • 12 Principles of Leadership
  • Get What You Want From Your Business, So You Can Live the Life You Want (for the overworked and underpaid business owner)
  • Do you have Creditor, IRS and Cash Problems – How to Get Back on Track
Lani Langton Business Advisor

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